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We hope you will join with Keep Baytown Beautiful because we need you. The more people who band together to make change the more likely change will happen and happen swiftly. We are a team of volunteers so we cannot be in a position to promise immediate feedback, but we will strive to reply in a reasonable amount of time. Of course, as we increase in number, dedicated, committed volunteers, we will be able to be more responsive.

This is our point of contact. We have many projects where you help will be invaluable. If you have not looked at the Committee tab yet, we invite you to do so because it is through committees that we take initiative and produce results. Now is a great time to join a committee because opportunities at the committee leadership are available. Also, if you have not already done so, please take a moment and look at our Membership tab, then consider choosing a level of interest to you. Join us in our obvious commitment to Keep Baytown Beautiful, but our aim is to achieve an even higher goal to eyesores into lovely spaces while adding beauty that is achieved when visual and performing art adds a sense of wonder. Let’s not only keep Baytown as our beautiful hometown, but let’s increase beauty as well. What are you ideas? What part will you play? You dropped by, now leave us a note.

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